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Good Food Needs to Look Good.


Good Food Needs to Look Good.

How to Make your Food Content Look Good.

Good-looking content is in high demand as much as we crave food. But how does good food look good?

Imagine creamy white sauced pasta made with a perfectly unleavened dough of wheat and dry mixtures, with cheesy melted cheese and bits of mushroom at the top. Are you hungry yet? Good food that looks good includes writing its concept, taking eye-catching pictures and videos, and more importantly, playing with food. And the end look is always mouthwatering.

Here are the ways on how you can make Good Food that Looks Good:

Photo by Grace Guino for Sandbox Creatives

1. Ingredient Selection

Photo by Grace Guino for Sandbox Creatives

When selecting a topic for your food content, the ingredients you would need are 1 cup of audience interest, an optional pinch of a trend, and 1 whole pack of appealing food content.

Your target audience’s interest should be the first thing you put in the pan when cooking up ideas for good food content. It helps connect with your audience as you speak their language and potentially boosts engagement. Including and considering a trend in your ideas is beneficial but is not required as you can start your own trend but if so, it could further boost engagements and get your food content to surface longer. Once these two are sauteed together, you should be able to plate this idea into appetizing food content.

2.Prepare the Ingredients

When preparing the equipment, you would need your perfectly cooked idea from earlier, and all the stock of your skills and passion for content creation.

Photo by Grace Guino for Sandbox Creatives

Once you’ve let your idea sit for a while, the next thing you would need is to cook it in the pan for the idea to rise into the food. You need to use good food content to showcase your vision and mission. Keep in mind that creation of quality food content should communicate a message within its scope. Once you have the star of your content, prepare the tools needed for the curation of the content assets. And oftentimes, when we think of tools for content creation, we think of the latest and highest quality of gadgets and technology. But in reality, that isn’t a necessary ingredient. What really assures you of great food content is your skill, and a lot of starting DIY food content creators nowadays are proof of this.

3. The Cooking process

Taking your nearly finished product from the previous steps, we now proceed to the content production itself. Aside from that, you would need 2 ½ cups of an appropriate location, a tablespoon of a strategic angle, and a lot more spices to mention.  


Photo by Grace Guino for Sandbox Creatives

At this point, you must keep in mind that when you are brewing quality food content, it should communicate a message within its scope. Again, you need to use good food content to showcase your vision and mission. To achieve this, a crucial ingredient is a fitting location, this can help showcase the message you aim to convey. For example, if you chose to capture the food on a dinner table, it would elicit a comfy and homey vibe to the way you present the food as opposed to one captured on a bar counter.Your chosen angle could also affect this as it would be the perspective in which your audience sees your good looking food. While there is certainly a lot more to mention such as the lighting, props, and whatnot, these work like spices, you would not really distinguish it, but once you do a taste test, you know it is there.

4. Table Setting

With the finished dish finally at hand, all we have left is the food presentation. All we need is a pitcher of the appropriate platform and a pack of the perfect time.

Photo by Grace Guino for Sandbox Creatives

Choosing a platform to publish your content could be tricky as we now have tons of different platforms with different uses. But always survey your market from different locations and align it with your food content. For example, graphic based content has better engagements in Instagram, while text-based content does better in Facebook. It is also important to check the trends or current affairs and interests on the platform. You wouldn’t want to put out the right content at the wrong time and vice versa. A quick trend check could save you from this dilemma. A proper trend analysis can help your food content and create fitting strategy that is guaranteed to surface longer and possibly boost engagements.

5. Food Tasting

Once you have everything set, wear those mittens, shut off the stove, and take out your freshly cooked idea-turned-content to allow the world to virtually taste it.

Photo by Grace Guino for Sandbox Creatives

If you have your content ready, the appropriate platform, and you know that it is the right time, go ahead and serve the food. Accompany it with compelling and accurate captions to catch and keep your audience’s attention and to vividly describe your food as if they are getting a taste. Identifying and using SEO keywords on your captions would also be of huge help in potentially boosting your content along with hashtags to segregate your content in its circle of topics. This would make it easier for people to find content that interests them.

The creme de la creme of your food content should look deliciously mouthwatering. It’s easy to take a picture of your perfectly garnished dinner with a “Yummy” caption. But good-looking food content is enriched with efforts that add tastiness in the eyes of your audience. 

Your next food content should look savory and hot as it plays with full-bodied colors. Has a bittersweet story to share and an aroma that makes them look full and satisfied with your good-looking food.




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