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International Women Empowerment

While any day makes for a great opportunity to celebrate women’s creativity, International Women’s Day on the 8th March and the entire Women’s History month serves to highlight the incredible achievement and contribution of Women in various industries – how their unique voices, their perspective, and their creativity pushes the needle forward.  

Women’s creativity is unstoppable – and their art and creative expressions are ever more visible thanks to the internet and new technologies. 

In the Digital era, more and more women are finding their voice and influence. No longer limited by education, finances or location, today, any woman who has reliable access to the internet is entitled to a multitude of opportunities presented by the global marketplace. 

In fact, women have been at the forefront of the new “Creators Economy” which allowed housewives to turn their passion for cooking into YouTube sensation, fitness enthusiasts, and beauty bloggers to become multi-million dollar influencers and small business owners to scale their businesses into world-famous brands. 

While highly visual platforms such as Instagram carried the negative effects of shameless self-promotion and picture-perfect edited lifestyles, the current popularity of videos, particularly short forms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels encourages much more creativity, self-expression, diversity and ultimately rewards authenticity.

Top 5 Inspiring Women Content Creators

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch, a half Filipino-American social media personality and singer. She is one of the most followed Tik Tok content creators in the world. Bella was in the army with abusive parents, she spent her childhood in her adoptive father’s farm taking care of the animals and plants.  The abuse was decreased when her father had undergone surgery and Bella and her brother moved to San Francisco because her aunt would not allow the abuse anymore. At the age of 16 Bella enlisted in the army and while her batchmates were crying about missing their parents, Bella found her freedom in the army. Bella Poarch posted her first Tiktok in April 2022, yet she didn’t rise to fame until August 2020. Her sudden popularity was the “M to the B” by Millie B lip-syncing, which she posted August 17, 2020. And that video made her debut in TikTok making her the 4 most followed influencer around the globe with approximately 84.4 million followers. Bella’s  fame goes beyond just that platform as she slowly breaks into the music industry with two singles and counting.  

Chloe `Ting

A YouTube Fitness influencer, Born in Brunei, grew up in Australia, currently in Singapore. Prior to starting a YouTube channel, Ting pursued her highest studies after completing 3 bachelor’s degrees. Later on, she completed her Master’s Degrees in Philosophy and worked as actuarial analyst. Chloe began her YouTube career in 2011 while still working in her professional career. But her turning point as Content Creator was in August (2019) when Ting posted a video ‘Get Abs in Two Weeks’ which went viral. And due to COVID-19 where many are quarantined, Ting’s “Two Week ABS Challenge” rose to popularity on TikTok. As of February 2022, Ting’s YouTube Channel has 23 Million subscribers and more than 44 Million views in a single video.

Salama Mohamed

If you’ve heard of Khalid Al Ameri, famous for his videos of motivation and positivity, then you most certainly know his wife, Salama Mohamed. Salama is not just a mother, she is a well-known Emirati Entrepreneur that leads by example and is an inspiration to many young Arab women. From a young age, she learned to embrace her skin condition being diagnosed with vitiligo – which causes the loss of skin color in patches. Salama manages to overcome her condition and become an advocate for self-love. By then, Salama successfully built her family, established several successful businesses. Being a mother of two didn’t stop this aspiring young Emirati from pursuing her personal dreams, and for years she has empowered women through sharing her true personality, struggles, and teaching them that they can be perfect in every way. Salama continuously spreads positivity and smiles through her Instagram posts and doesn’t shy away from sharing her life with her beautiful family with her over 1.2 Million followers.

Kristina Kuzmic

Kristina Kuzmic is a cheerleader for her fellow humans. It’s not something she ever anticipated doing, but after moving from Croatia to America amidst the war in her hometown, Kristina faced challenges in her life such as divorce, single parenting, poverty, stress and depression. She wanted to be for others what she wished someone had been for her during her darkest hours. However, now this empowered woman of chaos has over one billion video views, Kristina being a profound lady provides her viewers encouragement, hope and inspiration in such a role she never expected she would be. In 2011, when Oprah awarded Kristina the winner of mark Burnette’s reality TV competition, many were felt connected to her charming and charisma. And while Kristina worked with Oprah, she built out her own, creating parent-centric contents more on juggling all of life’s challenges. She has quickly become a viral sensation with well over 2.8 million Facebook followers.

Huda Kattan

She is a famous make-up artist and vlogger who runs her own brand, Huda Beauty which she started in the UAE in 2013. She has 49 million followers on Instagram and attracts women from all over the world with her make-up tips and introduction to the hottest trends. And Huda Kattan is an inspiring entrepreneur that turned a $6,000 loan into a billion dollar business which was launched in the U.S. and continued to expand around the world. Today, Huda Beauty offers over 140 products, from foundation, to concealer, lipstick, eyeshadow, brushes and more. In line with its roots, the brand has also kept its social media presence strong. Huda Beauty currently has over 48 million followers on Instagram and more than 4 million followers on YouTube.