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5 Winning Guide to Fine Tune your Brand this Ramadan 2022.

‎Eid al-Fitr

This Ramadan, is your brand ready? The Celebration of Ramadan focuses on spirituality, togetherness, and reflection, whilst also providing an opportunity for brands to create lively advertising campaigns and build cultural relevance.

This is the season where companies look to make a difference, by finding a creative and interactive way to bring Ramadan values to life, in the homes of their audiences. Ramadan 2022 will face new challenges because of the post COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, in the last 2 years of the pandemic many areas have canceled religious congregations, traditions and plans have changed. Brands now have an opportunity to create meaningful connections during Ramadan by being of service to observers and taking stands on the values and issues important to the community. Here are few insightful considerations for meaningful Ramadan Marketing:

1. Understand your audience

Islam is a religion with vast culture and tradition. The celebration of Ramadan is only one of the many practices being done. Although this makes it seem like it is such a complex religion, do not be disheartened. When getting to know your audience, always remember to learn from the heart and understand that we all have differences and similarities. A thorough and sincere market research would help the business in understanding consumer behavior and help create more meaningful interactions as you bridge the business and your audience together by producing distinct and compelling content curated especially for your target audience. Additionally, it builds an emotional connection with your audience which gives your content genuine engagement, a wider brand reach, and an increase in sales presuming that your materials and content effectively calls for an action to be done by your consumers. 

2. Get Creative

It has been a challenge for advertisers to create content that builds personal connections, excites viewers, and makes them want to tune in. This is more significant during Ramadan than any other time as audiences watch more YouTube videos, perform more searches, and access the Internet on their smart devices more often. We often talk about authenticity on YouTube, and in a time dedicated to self-reflection, goodwill, celebration and togetherness, this season is an ideal moment for brands to create distinctive Ramadan-themed campaigns for their audiences.

3. Track and Measure

Tracking and measuring campaign strategy is important to figure out which best practices are working for the brand. Setting up KPI within the strategy helps the business track different campaigns that generate sales, brand reach, and customer acquisition. Through tracking and measuring you can identify opportunities to take advantage of the silence season brought by the Ramadan season.  

4. Automate & Optimize

Kristina Kuzmic is a cheerleader for her fellow humans. It’s not something she ever anticipated doing, but after moving from Croatia to America amidst the war in her hometown, Kristina faced challenges in her life such as divorce, single parenting, poverty, stress and depression. She wanted to be for others what she wished someone had been for her during her darkest hours. However, now this empowered woman of chaos has over one billion video views, Kristina being a profound lady provides her viewers encouragement, hope and inspiration in such a role she never expected she would be. In 2011, when Oprah awarded Kristina the winner of mark Burnette’s reality TV competition, many were felt connected to her charming and charisma. And while Kristina worked with Oprah, she built out her own, creating parent-centric contents more on juggling all of life’s challenges. She has quickly become a viral sensation with well over 2.8 million Facebook followers.

5. Don’t hold back on storytelling

In marketing and advertising, there is no such thing as too much content as long as you space them out evenly. Endless ideas could be translated into a series of stories that helps bridge your brand and your audience together which is exactly what you need during a celebration of spirituality and camaraderie. This allows your brand to remain interesting, relevant, and in demand even in a time of solitude.

Have a go at revamping your brand during this season of connectedness. Reach out to us today and get to collaborate with our team to bring your brand’s content to the next level as we work on your business’ digital presence.